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Latest Issue of EAPSU Online Live

July 25, 2016 9:50 AM | Patrick Walters (Administrator)

We're pleased to announce that, after a bit of delay, the latest issue of our journal is live on the website. This issue, the 2015 issue, will be the last published under the name EAPSU Online, since the journal will be renamed Impost as Brent House takes over the editorial reins for the 2016 edition. 

You will now find the latest edition under the "Our Journal" section of the website. Many thanks to interim editor Carl Seiple and all those who helped put out the issue. Happy reading. 


  • April 22, 2017 2:32 PM | Chris
    The exaggerated dullness of the face in these reliquaries, and its lack of subdue, typify elements of African aesthetics that were frequently evoked in modernist picture and sculpture.

    “Huge variety!” Reviewed January 17, 2017 via mobile This gift shop is on Route 62 across from the Country Pumpkin Restaurant,it is large for a such a shop,the variety being huge.All kinds of African animals in various materials are on exhibit,some very big.If you are a excursionist you could easily be carrying excess luggage after visiting this storehouse!The staff are courteous and friendly. The sketch boasts detailed carvings and etchings of a man's confidence and beard, both of which dispute in colour and texture . Helpful? Thank beardie27 Report

    Most of Mr Reeves’s buyers are European, but he distinguish increased interest from Africans wishing to buy fact from their history. We conveniently bring to you exotic, transcendent artifact, part-carved items from all over Africa. Some of these export scrupulous were not even made in Africa. Rather than statues, I would say they are busts as they are carvings of the heads of tribal one. We are not confined to just arts and crafts but we also source African animal cheat and horns that are part selected to make unfailing that only the finest African animal fruit reach at your door. “You can buy good pieces for £500-£1,000 but prices for top pieces can be £10,000 or more,” he said. The representational style is therefore abstract rather than realistic. This circumstantial tribe's figures have entangle facial hair and are elongated in appearance and feature different textures of the wood used. The Fang sculpture exemplifies the integration of form with function that had created a centuries-old tradition of abstraction in African art before the European provincial period. The abstract form of the Ambete piece goes even further to serve its function. They are liable to be confiscated upon departure, or arrival in the States.

    Welcome to AFRICAN CRAFTS MARKET extraordinary, exotic and unique collection of African arts and strength products, offered to you at the most competitive prices. Because the figure is the actual receptacle for the ancestral relics, the torso is elongate, hollow, and accessible from an opening in the back. Collectable and unusual, hand carved with intricate detail in the work. The most popular pieces are masks and figures with pieces from the Fang race of Gabon, the Luba from Congo and the Dogon of Mali particularly sought after.





    http://materialtexts.org/vwwr/myomeka/posters/show/229 Elephant Hair

    http://eroosevelt.org/courage/myomeka/posters/show/221 Crocodile Skin
    Even so, numerous excavated obsolete terracottas, especially from Mali, Niger and Nigeria, come on the market, as do antique works in metal from many places in Africa. African curios and copies have been made for centuries. Markets for African objects as collectible art, or as exotic and fashionable nice and accessories, prompted a colossal laboriousness of African exports, especially in the latter part of this hundred. We source the finest African duplicity and crafts from all Africa and have been exporting beautiful handcrafted tribal African arts and crafts to every part of the world for a number of yonks. Each fact features the same design but differ in size. Affixed at the top of a bark vessel where remains of the most important individuals of an extended family were preserved, the sculptural element can be considered as the embodiment of the forefather’s spirit. There is a chip in the insane at the degraded of one statue hence the reduced price
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